Can't Shake the Moves

by protectors

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Can't Shake the Moves is Protectors debut album
Dinosaur photograph by Craig Watkins:


released January 15, 2011

All songs written by Chris Charlton and arranged by Protectors



all rights reserved


protectors Leeds, UK

Chris Charlton - Guitar and Vocals
Oli Wood – Bass Guitar
Dave Allen – Drums
Kerry Ramsay - Vocals
Mark Silcock - piano and vocals


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Track Name: Protectors - One Giant Step
I can see the footprints, clear as day
And the family photograph colours in the grey
Within minutes we’re pioneers, there’s no escaping this atmosphere, one step and there’s infamy tonight

I can hear you breathing in the air
It’s a wonderful feeling now of ground control
We’re on a mission with Gemini with old cameras on a wire
“One shot and you’re out of here” they say
A trick or two to make history, and stop a global kidology, will all America rest in peace tonight?

Light my life, I never expected it to be so bright
I’ve fallen away from you
Thank you for waiting so patiently
Home right now is not where it ought to be
Track Name: Protectors - Catwalk
From out the corner of one eye, lights forever
And though the candle has burned dry you still might not behave
Well I can’t decide whether to hold it all together
Sometimes stilettos don’t comply

Fashion and style you’re on your own, when it gets heavy
People and glamour you complain but still try to exist
Queen of the century? I’m told to crawl away now, never to speak unless I’m told

Sit now, off the ground, I’ll see you on the way down, come see me anyway
Now that you’re home, I’ll see on the catwalk, I’m finding it hard to call
Blow me you’ve shown, you shocked me at the Casbah, come see me anyway
Now that you’re home, I’ll see you on the catwalk
Track Name: Protectors - Honeymoon?
You cut a lonely face, you’re doing me no good, a simple line of fire from which you’ve understood
From what you’ve left behind there’ll never be no clue, what you’re about to find is beautiful and true

But what is meant by a honeymoon?

Check check now you’re in control, throw away the rubbish on your stereo
Warm enough to hold the coldest of hearts, heaven knows a place for you, that’s a start.

When I was a boy well I wanted to be like you, I wanted to be like you

You could have an island, settle by the fire, burn away your minor light
We could get along ok without each other, long enough to sleep tonight
I couldn’t understand the fall out with your brother, families in harmony
If it's bugging you inside just self address a letter
Track Name: Protectors - Still here
Scant consolations let me down, when it isn’t even close
If you need the context of this now, well I’m not about to choke
Shake shake the hips are swinging, night night to one and all, I’m not leading everyone on, I want you to know

I’m still here, and you’re still there, we’re all still

Each time I hear that melody well something breaks inside
Now I’ve stepped aside too easily and I’m not about to hide
Bang bang the ships are sailing, night night to one and all, a new destination please, one where we belong

I’m still here, and you’re still there, we’re all still.
Track Name: Protectors - Quando Paramucho
Keep me awake nonchalantly
To a place where my mind is at ease
Give me a sign but try not to breathe
QuandoParamucho, do you know what that means?

Through all of this work your mind is endeared
To a state of confusion and fear
Light in my eye I’m hoping you’re fine
Miamorai it’s the finishing line

I made you a vow but you taught me to wait
wait for some magic, now I’m happy for you to explain
Light of my eye, some kind of tragic
Now I’m happy for you to go
Track Name: Protectors - Seasons
Welcome to this natural society of mine
We own, we grow, we nurture all the bastard seeds of time

But age is no restricter of money or of love
You’ll meet your maker in the skies above

The whole world smiles but you’re not there and still the ocean floor, it sleeps
Today the tides will turn the water

Lights are shining down on us but there won’t be fires tonight
To share the wealth of everyone requires an eagle eye

Pain is no repeater
It challenges the notion of believing
This stage is all we know
Track Name: Protectors - Cakes
Never been a one to bother and a listen, when it comes to call
I should’ve been allowed to warrant an admission, despite a grace like fall

Staying in a line feeling like I’m keeling over to one side
I shook a lot of hands but never did I mean it, the partnership has died

You will never see a mind turned out, so save on your last goodbye
No-one else has ever seen what I have, so don’t lie

Never been a one to bother and a listen, when it comes to call
I should’ve been allowed to warrant an admission, despite a grace like fall
You will not communicate your point, I can’t wait for these plans to fade
But I’ve never seen a strategy as likely to persuade

The moment you’ll be confused is when I understand it all
You twist and your fingers move at least til the cows come home
Your meetings are filled with fear, I don’t understand at all
There will never be cakes again
Track Name: Protectors - Step into the light
Yours and mine
We can’t help falling from time to time
Celebrate a little longer
We never had the chance to play

Jewel of mine
There’s no sense changing the ties that bind
Leave it for the next pretenders to ever find the way to blue

Step into the light
Your smile is bigger than this
One fine way to recite stories
Building a story of lies, comforts of mine
But your file is half as big as any other

All the way
Our plans stopped working the nights we played
A ceremony of distinction or a necessary swan like song?
The tune brigade finally succumbed to lines displaying
Louder than the chief’s potential to ever find the way to blue
Track Name: Protectors - Echo of the stones
How come these old moss stones are all there is to show of Milner Field’s estate?
They move when our backs turn and slowly they recline to former glory days

Crime, fears and fortune of Avalon
Nights of fuel and excess
And now we’re heading to the avenues
Named by points of interest

But he only bleeds maybe when he needs to
But you only see the shadows of his statue
For all we know he’s standing there between us
He’s a genuine figure of achievement
Track Name: Protectors - Shake the Moves
Time heals no careless evidence, I tried
But you’ll forgive now so down deep inside
And it’s hardly worth a listen

Somehow fears are bound to find a setting sun
You’ll have to ride the torment that’s begun
And it’s surely worth a listen

“From today”, she said
“Waiting like this means I start to remember, what it feels to be afraid, won’t you stay? Because waiting like this means I start to remember.”

Potions, pills, forever reminiscing time
There’s ways of searching so down deep inside
And it’s hardly worth a listen.

Falling down, careless in your own sweet way
Now don’t forget these words as you start to ache
Because they’re always worth a listen

Your campaign is just not enough
There’s lies you can’t see so open your eyes now
But your beat is your confidante
So wise you can’t shake the moves